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The Bullet Journal® is taking over the world

05. October 2017

The Bullet Journal® is taking over the world. With creativity, a simple notebook is transformed into a customised life planner that can be used to keep track of past events, organise your day and plan...

The Bullet Journal® will bring order to your plans 

Diary, mood tracker, brainstorming, journal and much more 

The Bullet Journal® is taking over the world. With creativity, a simple notebook is transformed into a customised life planner that can be used to keep track of past events, organise your day and plan for the future. It’s down to you to decide what you want to put in it. There are no rules for how you use your Bullet Journal®! Content can be arranged, structured and shaped in a systematic way – however suits your creative mind. 

Make paper work. Not paperwork.

With all those post-it notes, to-do lists, shopping lists and online calendars, it’s easy to soon lose track. But not with a Bullet Journal®! All the important information gets brought together and clearly structured in a notebook. This concept was devised by New York designer Ryder Caroll. He developed a system that lets you design and arrange a notebook in the form of a Bullet Journal® to suit your own specific needs and ideas. The concept takes its name from the bullet points that form an integral part of every list. The bullet points on to-do lists and various logs can be marked with an ‘x’ to check them off or with a ‘>’ symbol to migrate the task to the following day. The system lets you keep all the important dates and information to hand, allowing you to express your creativity and imaginative side at all times and to put your thoughts to paper whenever you want. The Bullet Journal® has four key elements to help you keep everything organised: Index, Future Log, Monthly Log and Daily Log.

Organisation featuring creativity

Forgotten birthdays and the wrong things in your luggage? Not with the Birthday List and the Travel Log. Keep a record of all those birthdays in each month of the Birthday List. The Travel Log isn’t just a place to keep all your lists of things to pack, travel plans and holiday destinations: like the rest of the BuJo®, it’s also a place to map out your plans with loving care and anticipation. If you’re a fan of a good overview, an episode tracker for your current favourite series could be just the thing for you. And if you want to be sure that you’re in control of your mood and sleeping patterns, you can incorporate features such as the Moodtracker and a Sleep Log to keep a record of your sleeping hours. Not only is creating and designing your own logs and features good fun, but it also helps you to remember appointments, information and thoughts by encouraging you to interact with the content in a visual way. That means clearer information and less stress – and relaxation through creativity. The new sets from STABILO are the perfect companions for creative minds and Bullet Journals®.

STABILO goes BuJo®: #mystabilojournal

If you want to make a Bullet Journal® that’s creative and organised, you’re going to need the right tools. This is where STABILO comes in, offering 6 new sets to make sure inventive BuJo® designers have just what they need. The STABILO pencil 160 gently sketches lines for the perfect Bullet Journal® entry. With the set of 4 STABILO SENSORS, you can draw delicate lines and contours. The set of 4 STABILO pointMax pens will add color to any Bullet Journal and is fantastic for lettering and headings. Draw attention to important information with a set of 6 STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL highlighters in the best neon and pastel colors. The felt-tip STABILO Pen 68 is the perfect coloring partner, allowing you to create dashes of color in any BuJo®, while the STABILO point 88 can be used to add color to fine lines and all your notes. Both sets come with 47 colors, and to round off STABILO’s basic range for the Bullet Journal®, the best eight colors of each are available in a special set.

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