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All STABILO Coloring Felt-tip Pens

Creative coloring and drawing fun for every stage of pen expertise: whether in pre-school, school, university or at work – with the STABILO felt-tip coloring pens you will always have a quality, reliable companion to set your creativity free. For over 50 years now, STABILO Pen 68 has been a reliable companion when it comes to premium felt-tip coloring pens. Our felt-tip pens are available with a diverse range of features, including different tip sizes, super-washable ink for the youngest ones (e.g. STABILO Trio Scribbi), anti-dry out ink for high demands in kids' playrooms (e.g. STABILO power and STABILO power max), a huge variety of brilliant color shades for hobby artists or even professional artists (e.g. STABILO Pen 68). All our felt-tip pens are child-safe and long lasting thanks to their sturdy tips. Discover the range and find your best coloring buddy!

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