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Coloring and drawing

Color up your life with STABILO! Just add some color, and make your day brighter!

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Learn how to draw

"Can you draw me a butterfly?" Does this or similar questions sound familiar to you? Then we are there to help you! With our video tutorials you learn step by step how to draw the most popular motifs. For beginners or beyond - we've got your back!
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For more info please visit our FAQ section
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Our products are not harmful if used as intended. However, we do not recommend using these products on the skin, the body or around the mouth. These products are not cosmetics products and are not tested to meet such requirements. However, we want to stress that there is no danger if a child’s skin occasionally comes into contact with the product. Only long term INCORRECT use of STABILO woody 3 in 1 is not recommended.

The ink in these STABILO products can be rinsed out quite easily. Our ink laboratory recommends that you treat the stain with plenty of water. You should add normal hand-detergent to the water, provided that this is suitable for the material. You should do this as quickly as possible, because the longer the ink has to dry, the more difficult it is to remove.
Clothes can easily be washed in the washing mashine at 40°C together with normal washing powder. Please ensure that the textiles can be washed in a washing machine at the recommended temperature.

STABILO was the first company in the wooden pencil industry to gain FSC® certification, in 1998. This means that we obtain a proportion of the wood used in pencil manufacture from socially responsible and environmentally aware forestry businesses. Like us, these firms are strictly monitored by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), an international organisation that promotes the environmentally sensible use of the forests.

In recent years, we have succeeded in convincing ever larger numbers of our timber suppliers to switch to FSC® production.

FSC® timber may be a little more expensive to buy, but year on year we increase our use of these environmentally more valuable woods.

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