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Learning how to write

Learning how to write the EASY way

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Learning to write has never been easier. The EASY start family provides the perfect handwriting pens and pencils for early writers. No matter where your child is on their learning to write path the specially designed pens and pencils will make learning to write fun. From first doodles to learning cursive writing there is a pen or pencil which is designed by scientists to help improve their handwriting.

Always the right product

The EASY Start Family is a colorful and ergonomic range especially designed for learning and improving handwriting skills at a young age. The products were developed with the assistance of motor skills experts (Prof. Dr. Ing Ralph Bruder, Head of the Institute of Ergonomics at Darmstadt University of Technology, and Dr Christian Marquardt, Fine motor skills expert, Munich-Bogenhausen hospital). The pens are available in right or left handed versions. Every product is designed with special purposes that will not only provide an intelligent and intuitive fundament for beginners but are also truly fun to use. Because we believe you can only improve your handwriting skills if you have fun while doing so.

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