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My STABILO journal

Create your very own Bullet Journal® with STABILO!

My STABILO journal

Create your very own Bullet Journal® with STABILO!

My STABILO journal

Create your very own Bullet Journal® with STABILO!

Bullet Journals® are taking over the world

With creativity, a simple notebook is transformed into a customised life planner that can be used to keep track of past events, organise your day and plan for the future. It’s up to you to make it your very own Bullet Journal®! Ryder Carroll, a designer from New York, came up with the Bullet Journal® concept to arrange content, structure and shape in a systematic but also creative way. More information available on!

Stefan Kunz

This video with Stefan Kunz, famous lettering artist from Zurich (Switzerland), shows the basics of how to design your very own Bullet Journal® (BuJo®). With all those post-it notes, to-do lists, shopping lists and online calendars it’s hard to keep track. This is where the Bullet Journal® comes into play! Our video tutorial gives you all the basic info about Bullet Journaling: from “How to start” until a lot of very creative ideas. That’s the STABILO way! Have fun watching and creating your own BuJo®!

The perfect products for your Bullet Journal®!

For creative sketches, contours and details

The STABILO pencil 160 gently sketches lines for the perfect Bullet Journal® start. With the set of 4 STABILO SENSORS, you can draw thin lines and contours. The STABILO point 88 is ideal for colourful and fine lines, details and making all your notes. That’s why we made a set of the most popular 8 colors for you.

Make it colorful!

The set of 4 STABILO pointMax pens will add color to every Bullet Journal® and is fantastic for lettering and headings. Draw attention to important information with a set of 6 STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL highlighters in the best neon and pastel colors. The felt-tip STABILO Pen 68 – in a set of the 8 favourite colors as well - is the perfect coloring partner, allowing you to create dashes of color in any BuJo®. STABILO gives you the perfect basic range for the Bullet Journal®!

You prefer the subtle colors?

A unicorn? A cup of ice-cream? A birthday cupcake? How would they look without pastel colors? STABILO has the magical STABILO pastel sets of STABILO point 88, STABILO Pen 68 and BOSS ORIGINAL Pastel. Even the names of these soft colors set a relaxing mood. What about lilac haze, touch of turquoise, hint of mind, creamy peach, pink blush or milky yellow?

Start now and create your very own Bullet Journal® - tailor-made for your life.

With 6 sets of ideal Bullet Journal® pens STABILO provides the perfect equipment for creative people who love to start their very own My STABILO journal. Please share your creativity with #mystabilojournal on Instagram!

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