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Ergonomic design for small hands

STABILO Trio thick - triangular-shaped pencils designed to reduce hand strain.

STABILO Trio thick

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STABILO Trio thick triangular pencils with their fun colors are school companions that make writing fun!

Learning to write the colorful way

The STABILO Trio thick pencils are perfect for primary school children aged from 5 to 12. These school pencils have an ergonomic, triangular and child- friendly shape especially for writing novices. They come in five stylish shaft colors, which make writing fun for children. The Trio thick has a thick lead for younger children that need more practice figuring out the right writing pressure. It’s available in two degrees: HB and 2B.
STABILO Trio thick HB
STABILO Trio thick HB
Available in 5 shaft colors; 399/xx-HB
STABILO Trio thick 2B
STABILO Trio thick 2B
Available in 5 shaft colors; 399/xx-2B
STABILO Trio thick Pack of 2
STABILO Trio thick Pack of 2
Examplary blister card
STABILO Trio thick Pack of 2
STABILO Trio thick Pack of 2
Exemplary blister card
Product features:

Product features:

  • Five fun colors: pink, petrol, blue, orange and green
  • Modern design with classic white-edged stripes
  • Thick wooden pencil with an ergonomic, child friendly shape
  • Two degrees: HB and 2B
  • Lead diameter of 3.15mm, which is ideal for writing novices

pink 399/01-HB blue 399/02-HB orange 399/03-HB green 399/04-HB petrol 399/HB

Add some color to your life!

STABILO Trio thick comes in 5 fresh shaft colors.

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