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STABILO is what you make it!

06. October 2016

Crowdsourcing: the design of the new Fan Editions rollerset was put to the vote online.

STABILO is what you make it!

Crowdsourcing: the design of the new Fan Editions rollerset was put to the vote online.

A chance to have your say! STABILO has made it possible. Fans from 69 countries were able to vote on the packaging design and colors of the pens in the new Fan Edition rollerset. The entire campaign was a resounding success: over 11,000 participants cast their votes, almost 7,000 of which went to the winning design by STABILO artist Kathi Schönkäs. The new Fan Edition rollerset, available with either the Pen 68 or the point 88, is a limited edition collection resplendent with stylish, colorful triangles.

The fans were impressed: It’s really cool that we can have a say!” “I think the campaign is great!” “I really enjoyed taking part on your site!”.

International and colorful thanks to digital connectivity

Here’s how it worked: first, STABILO artists from various countries developed their design ideas for the Fan Edition, and then the color-loving STABILO panel decided on the three finalists. The fans were then able to vote for their favourites and their preferred pen colors on the website.

The winning design rapidly gained a lot of fans: “The picture looks so good I would even hang it up in my house!” “Timeless, stylish design and (...) a real eye-catcher!” “To the person who designed it: Keep it up, hats off to you!”

Taking part is fun for all!

Getting the fans involved in the creative process is a way of interacting with customers on an equal footing. The goal is to connect up customers, artists and manufacturers to create something new, great and truly colorful! After the huge success of the first project of this kind, STABILO has positioned itself as a modern brand in touch with the latest trends.

Indicators of the close connection between the brand and its fans: “I couldn’t imagine my pencil case without STABILO pens.” “Design 3 is beautiful! Kudos to the artist Kathi! “Beautiful rainbow colors and amazing patterns!”


Sabrina Hamann-Gleißner
International Digital Sales- Marketing / Communication
Community Management / PR&Events

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