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06. October 2016

The unique, ergonomically-shaped STABILO EASYbirdy fountain pen.


The first ergonomic fountain pen, now also available in shining pink

The unique, ergonomically-shaped STABILO EASYbirdy fountain pen has been specially developed for school children aged 7 and over who wish to improve their writing skills with ease. Children, scientists, teachers and parents were all heavily involved in the development process. The STABILO EASYbirdy is now also available in the bright color combination berry/pink especially for little girls starting school – and the new arrival to the EASYbirdy family is of course available in both left and right-handed versions!

There’s never been a fountain pen like it!

The nib of the EASYbirdy can be fitted at three different angles to provide children with the best individual hand posture – a surprising but incredibly helpful technical sophistication, never before found on a fountain pen. The innovative fountain pen thus facilitates the creation and development of the child’s own handwriting. Additionally, special right and left-handed versions and a grip zone made from non-slip material promote a relaxed hold and prevent premature muscle fatigue.

Colorful learning enjoyment

To help children enjoy learning to write, the EASYbirdy comes in the five trendy color combinations turquoise/neon pink, sky blue/grass green, violet/yellow, night blue/azure and berry/pink for right-handers. The color designs sky blue/grass green, night blue/azure and berry/pink are available for left-handers. The high-quality case is especially attractive, and every writing hero will be itching to unpack it when school begins. The EASYbirdy comes with a standard M grade nib, a viewing window to check the ink level, a space for a name tag, and it takes standard cartridge refills.

The STABILO EASYbirdy is only available from specialist retailers.

Nib can be fitted individually at three different angles The EASYbirdy nib angle can be adjusted individually by the retailer using a special tool – providing the best individual hand posture for each child. This makes handling easier and handwriting clearer – no blotting or scratching.

Acclaimed design

In 2015 the STABILO EASYbirdy prevailed against competitors from over 50 countries – and its innovative design impressed the international panel of the renowned iF Design Award.


Sabrina Hamann-Gleißner
International Digital Sales- Marketing / Communication
Community Management / PR&Events


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